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IRSE Australasia invites comments on some articles on this site.  The content of the articles is the responsibility of the authors and IRSE does not necessarily endorse the views of any author.

Should you wish to comment on any article, your comments are your responsibility.  IRSE Australasia will not be held responsible for any comment made by any individual, whether a member of IRSE Australasia or otherwise.

The IRSE Code of Professional Conduct is binding on all members.

Comments will be removed (at the discretion of the administrators or moderators of this web site) if:

  • They contain offensive language
  • They are considered abusive
  • They threaten, slander or insult other IRSE members
  • They are SPAM or requesting referral credits (eg. "Please click on this link so I get money")
  • They complain about moderation - moderation is there for a reason
  • They discuss administrative decisions - moderation is there for a reason.

IRSE Australasia will provide information about posters details (email address, TCP/IP addresses etc) if lawfully requested by Police, or other appropriate law enforcement agency.

Finally IRSE Australasia moderators reserve the right to update the moderation policy as required without notification.

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